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Here you will find a step by step guide to a sustainable fixtures and furniture design, from brief and current practice guidance through to the maintenance and end of product life responsibilities.


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dc design principles

Our design standard and guidance is based upon circular design principles, focusing on a continous process of carbon reduction through Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.


Design products for Reuse, minimise replacement and ensure maintenance can extend the product life.


Reuse part and components where possible.
Reduce overall weight and use materials with high recycled content or from renewable sources that are easily recycled at end of life.


Reduce transportation and ensure products and sourced distributed with the minimum environment impact.


Ensure that electrical components have best in class efficiency to Reduce consumption during life.


Designing products and packaging so that it can dissembled for Reuse or Recycled at end of life

Approved agents

Design Conformity has recently appointed Carbon Efficiency Rating (CER) as an approved agent to process dc Design Certificate applications.

Coming soon!

Carbon Efficiency Rating offers manufacturers access to an online carbon footprint estimation tool that can be used to review carbon efficiency of designs and benchmark against the industry.

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